Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Shmi's Family

The two lovebirds arrived at a bluff
Near a home that was lonely and rough.
From the ship they withdrew,
“You stay here, ‘kay, Artoo?
We need you to stay with our stuff.”

As they neared the conventional dwelling,
A friendly droid greeted them telling
Them, “I am C3PO...
Wait a sec’ don’t I know...
Master Anakin! My joy circuit’s swelling!”

Ani’s patience was tested and tried.
“I’m looking for mom,” he replied.
The droid seemed sincere
With a caring, “Oh dear...
...I think we had better go inside.”

In the courtyard introductions were made.
Owen Lars and Beru, then conveyed
Though they had different mother’s
The two were step-brothers
And that Shmi had been snatched in a raid.

Old man Cliegg nearly paid with his life
As his rescue attempt met with strife
It had been thirty days
And although Cliegg still prays,
There was just not much hope for her life.

Ani said, “She’s alive! I can feel it.”
My dreams and the Force, they reveal it.
I will go bring her back,
And I probably will smack
A few Tusken’s, those Raiders will squeal

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