Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What To Do?

Bail Organa was sure there’d be war.
They would have to act fast just before
An offensive attacked.
There was one daunting fact:
Only two hundred Jedi in store!

“That’s too little! We need some more troops!”
“We have clones...a whole army of dupes.”
“If we wait on the Senate
...this whole voting tenet...
There’s no time, we must find some new loops... (as in loopholes, sorry nothing else fit here)

“If we granted emergency power
To the Chancellor, the man of the hour,
We could bypass a vote,
Get those clones on a boat,
And the Trade Federation will cower.”

“But who would propose such a thing?
Who has the influence to swing
All the Sens to agree?”
Jar Jar Binks said, “Pick me!”
“This proposal is one I will bring.”

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Distress Signal

Artoo held his silence no more
And played Obi’s message before
It became obsolete.
With a beep and a tweet
Obi’s hologram stood on the floor.

“Resend this message to base!”
Said the Jedi, concern on his face.
Padme forwarded on
To: Base, From: Obi Wan
“Emergency Call From Deep Space!”

“Jango Fett led me to Geonosis
Where I found those Trade guys without noses
And the Guilds and Count Dooku
Are making things cuckoo...
Things are bad, that’s my expert prognosis.”

Then the message cut off in mid-stream
As the Jedi was jumped by a team
Of Droidekas with guns.
These things were the ones
That had shields: Battle Robots Supreme.

“Young Anakin, stay where you are.
We will send out more Jedi to spar
With the Count.” Windu said.
But by then Obi’d be dead
Because Coruscant just was too far.

Padme said, “I don’t think that they’ll make it.
The chance is now ours so let’s take it.”
Ani liked how she thought
Not to do as they ought...
Direct order? They’d be nuts not to break it.