Thursday, June 30, 2011

Watto Revisited

The familiar dry place, Tattooine
Is where we will find the next scene.
Our young pair has returned
To the place two suns burned;
To the shop of old Watto the Mean.

They found him attempting to fix
A small droid making whistles and clicks.
Watto stammered in fright
At the strange Jedi knight
Til he recognized Anakin’s tricks.

Ani fixed the droid and turned it on
Any doubts Watto had were now gone.
There was only one kid
Who could do what Ani did
“It IS you, you little Sith-spawn!”

“I came here to look for my ma
To save her the pain I foresaw.”
Watto already sold her...
A guy named Lars told her
That she could be free, Oh! Hurrah!

To Anakin, this was good news
That Shmi was now free, no issues!
Now he just had to find
This Lars to ease his mind.
A trip crost the desert ensues.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Obi vs. Jango

After his transmission was sent,
Back inside Obi Wan went
To Jango Fett’s dwelling.
Suspicions were swelling.
He was missing in any event.

Seeing Jango Fett’s near-empty dorm,
Obi rushed to the landing platform.
There was Fett and his son
Preparing Slave One
To take off in the bitter rainstorm.

He switched on his sword as he ran.
Giving Jango no time to preplan.
Fett took careful aim.
Obi came just the same,
Batting lasers as fast as he can.

His charge hadn’t gone as he planned.
They collided and fought hand to hand.
Somehow tangled in wires,
Jango’s rocket misfires,
They fell and saw the ocean firsthand.

Jango dug in his wrist mounted claws,
T’was enough to give his descent pause.
But Obi slid past,
He’d better think fast
It appeared he met watery jaws.

Fett ascended and ran to his ship.
Obi Wan, with a hop and a skip,
Made a throw that was nice,
A small tracking device
Connected with magnetic grip.

Monday, June 20, 2011


The nightmares in Skywalker’s head
Had stirred the young man from his bed.
What had broken his calm
Was a dream of his mom,
She was suffering, or even worse, dead.

Though he risked looking weak and pathetic
He revealed that his dreams were prophetic.
So Naboo’s former queen
Said, “Go to Tattooine,
I’ll come too, so your mandate isn’t...forgettic.” (sorry)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Flirting Again (I think this is the last of it)

In the evening the two love birds had dinner.
Ani showed off a Force trick: Fruit Spinner!
The fruit hovered and floated,
On Padme, he doted.
Had his game on, the big cheesy grinner.

He cut up the fruit into strips
And floated a piece to her lips.
He gave all he was worth
To elicit her mirth
With his smooth Jedi tricks and his quips.

Later on they enjoyed a warm fire.
Ani showed, once again, his desire.
Though it drove them berserk,
This affair couldn’t work
Because Jedi for love can’t aspire.

On Kamino, our deft Jedi sleuth,
Sent a message that spelled out the truth
To Yoda and Mace
Of this odd cloning place
And the army that was armed to the tooth.

T’was alarming that they could not see
In advance this stealth activity.
Should they inform the Senate?
Honesty was a tenet
But Yoda said, “For now, let it be.”

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Obi Wan Meets Jango Fett

Obi Wan and Taun We rang the bell,
Then waited for the boy to go tell
His dad they had guests.
The onus then rests
Upon Obi to question him well.

Obi sized up this man, Jango Fett.
He suspected the same guy he met
As a shooter of darts
From a place off the charts,
This was HIM, he was willing to bet.

Obi spotted on the small closet floor
Was some armor that was from Mandalore.
“Sifo-Dyas, have you met him?”
Obi Wan tried to let him
Get tangled in questions. He asked more.

Jango claimed Darth Tyranus was his boss,
A name for which Obi was at a loss
Obi studied his eyes
And then said his goodbyes.
This man’s lying was making him cross.

Jango’s nerve had begun to unweave.
And he wiped a sweaty brow on his sleeve.
He said, “I’ve had enough,
Boba, pack up your stuff.
On the double, it is time that we leave.”

Thursday, June 16, 2011

More Disgusting Flirting
(Almost done with this part, I promise!)

On Naboo, Ani had to change gears.
He asked Padme, “Think back a few years...
Tell me ‘bout your first crush.”
Without blushing a blush
She said, “Curly hair Palo?” Ani sneers.

“He became an artist, “ she doted,
“I went into politics and voted.”
“Maybe going into art
Was a little more smart,”
Noted Ani, who mischievously gloated.

“I get the sense you don’t like politicians”
Said the object of Ani’s ambitions.
“Oh...there’s two or three,
And another...maybe
That I’ve met on a few of my missions.”

He complained that the system was broken,
That solutions were not often spoken,
Padme explained that they tried
But that often each side
Had flexibility that was oaken.

“Then something that occurs to me
Is that they should be made to agree,
By a strong and wise leader
And not a heart bleeder,”
Said Ani, a little idealistically.

“So you think that a despot should rule?”
Amidala asked, losing her cool.
“If it works,” Ani shrugged.
She ‘bout near came unplugged,
‘Til it dawned that he was playing the fool.

They were there for the whole afternoon
In the meadow, these two did commune.
There was more issue skirting
And some really bad flirting,
But I’d rather be gagged with a spoon.

(Next time it’s back to the action!)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Welcome, Visitors from

This morning I rolled in to find an unusually large number of hits on the hit in 10 times the normal amount of traffic for this blog. I found out that most of this is thanks to an entry from the blog.

Thanks to Chris Urie for the favorable review and to everyone else who tweeted it, digg'ed it, shared on facebook, or otherwise spread the word.

And while I'm at it, I'd like to thank the loyal longtime readers of my blog as well for all of your words of encouragement and for forgiving the occasional "near rhymes" and metering missteps. I wouldn't have stuck with this project this long if I didn't know that some of you out there are enjoying it.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Kiss (Eeeewww, cover your eyes, kids!)

At the lakeside, a breathtaking scene,
The view from the lodge was serene.
She told stories from youth,
Anakin got uncouth...
Put the moves on...ya know what I mean?

As they talked, his stare grew more intense.
She was soft’ning, still riding the fence.
He leaned in and kissed her
She was not a resister,
Not at first...but then girls don’t make sense.

She apologized, “This isn’t right.”
It was more a safeguard than a slight.
A pained look on his face,
Ani slowed up the pace.
Pretending to agree, but not quite.

The tour at Kamino moved on,
His initial surprise almost gone.
As the cloner chief boasted,
Obi asked who had hosted,
He asked who’s DNA they had drawn.

T’was a hunter of bounties, named Fett
Who had not left the premises yet.
Obi Wan asked to meet him
(To catch and defeat him)
This hunter perhaps was Padme’s threat.

Next time: More Disgusting Flirting

Monday, June 13, 2011


They discussed Padme’s safety and asked
With what steps the “Master” Jedi had tasked.
“Oh, he’s not a Master,”
Smiled Padme, much faster
Than Anakin, the padawan unmasked.

That Padme had rejected his lead.
Had Ani just a little bit teed.
It was true, he was young
So he just held his tongue.
Once again, he would have to concede.

Her idea really wasn’t so bad.
They’d hide out at a cool lakeside pad.
And had Anakin known
That he’d have her alone,
He would never have gotten so mad.

Far across the outreaches of space,
Obi Wan had arrived at the place
Where the dart had come from.
In a swirling maelstrom,
He landed. He was back on the case.

He was met by the tall, thin Taun We
Who revealed they’re expecting Obi.
He masked his surprise
Which turned out to be wise,
Without knowing, they spilled the beans, see?

What he found chilled him deep in his bones.
The Kaminoans explained in hushed tones,
“When he last came to see us
Your Master Sifo-Dyas
Had ordered an army of clones.”

Next time: A Kiss

Star Wars Attack of the Clone Taun We Kamino Cloner Action Figure

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Amidala Reports To The Queen

In the giant port city of Theed,
From the freighter our trio was freed.
Amidala and Ani,
With Artoo as the nanny,
Admired Naboo’s beauty indeed.

The humans shared stories of yore,
Remembrances of times before.
Like Padme’s short reign
And the people’s campain
To let Amidala rule more.

Amidala was glad to be through,
That her terms as queen numbered just two.
Though she quickly agreed
To be “Senator from Theed”.
Ani said, “The Republic needs you.”

Before long they were at the Queen’s court
With Coruscant news to report.
The queen named Jamillia
With whom I’m not
Questioned Count Dooku’s support.

“There are many,” the Senator said,
“Who are under Count Dooku’s wingspread.
If we dare enlist troops,
That would be a big ‘oops’,
It would mean civil war up ahead.”

“Does the Trade Federation still stand?
I had heard that some changes were planned
To reduce army size,
And if Gunray complies,
Then Hell will freeze over,” Queen panned.

“Ma’am, I doubt that we’ve had so much luck.
That Guild is still running amuck.
We don’t wan’t to have war,
Let us hope that a door
Will open so a deal can be struck.”

Next time: Kamino

Monday, June 6, 2011

Writer's Block

I apologize for the lack of new verses today. I've been going at this blog now for 61 days straight and have learned a lot about limerick writing. Today I'm starting to feel a little burned out on it. Between that and the fact that my work and personal life are keeping me pretty busy, I'm taking the day off. I'm also considering temporarily going to an every other day format instead of daily posts.

If you are in desperate need of a limerick fix today, perhaps you might find something else that I've been doing to be of interest to you. I signed up to participate in writing the world's first "Limericktionary" -- a dictionary where all of the definitions are given in limericks. So far I have 44 words that I've defined. 3 have been accepted by the Omnificent English Dictionary In Limerick Form (OEDILF) editors and the other 41 are in various stages of editing and "work-shopping". Here are links to the accepted words:

Hopefully tomorrow I'll be back with new Star Wars verses. Until then, thanks for reading. 

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Younglings Help

Obi went to the archives again
For a map to this place that cloned men.
He tried to look where
Dex had’s not there!
Obi didn’t know where to go then.

With his lead getting cold and now waning,
He entered where younglings were training.
The kids were overseen
By the Master who’s green.
Basic Jedi techniques they were gaining.

“Kids, a visitor's here” Yoda said.
As they looked, Obi nodded his head.
“I’m sorry for disturbing,
But something quite perturbing.
Makes me fear that my trail has gone dead.

“It is likely that help you we can”
Said the short, green, and old, big-eared man.
“There’s an orbiting sphere
That’s supposed to be here,”
Pointed Obi, to a blank little span.

“Lost a planet? Embarrasing this.”
Master Yoda said, “Something’s amiss.”
Then an innocent faced
Youngling said, “It’s erased!”
Truly wonderful a child’s mind is.

Out of earshot, the Masters discussed
That this meant that a Jedi broke trust.
A whole planet was hidden
And this mystery was ridden
With betrayal. They just breached the crust.

Next time: Amidala Reports to the Queen

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Dex's Diner

Obi Wan followed up on the dart
That made the assassin depart.
The analysis droid
Did a search, came up void!
And the droid was supposed to be smart.

If their system did not have a match,
Obi Wan had a taxi to catch,
Because way across town
Was a man of renown--
Dex would strings attached.

Dexter Jettster owned a cafe
In a place that was out of the way.
When he saw Obi Wan,
Who was like his own son,
He ran out with a friendly display.

They sat down, Obi showed him the dart.
Dexter looked then had this to impart:
“Well looky what we know,
This came from Kamino.
See the markings, right here on this part?”

Obi Wan hadn’t heard of that world
But this case had to soon be unfurled.
He thanked Dex for his time,
Shedding light on this crime.
Off to find where this odd planet twirled.

Next time: Younglings Help

Friday, June 3, 2011

Departing Coruscant

Dressed as peasants, the two made their way
To the spaceport where huge freighters lay
Taking cargo and crew,
Occasionally a few
Bargain travellers, sub-par, but hey...

Obi Wan told his student, “Goodbye.
Won’t be long ‘til I’ve found the bad guy.
Don’t do nothing at all
Not unless you first call
...if long distance, a charge may apply...”

Padme thanked Obi Wan then they parted,
But almost as soon as they’d started
Padme said, “I am scared.”
And then Ani declared,
“Me too,” (Awww...he’s kind hearted)

“But at least we have got ol’ Artoo!”
Padme laughed. (I admit, I did too.)
Obi Wan, who was waiting,
Ends the scene simply stating,
“I hope that this day we won’t rue.”

Next time: Dex's Diner

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Anakin and Padme...Awkward...

Obi Wan had to voice his concern
At the choice of his youthful intern
To be Padme’s defender.
He thought him too tender
And too full of self, much to learn.

Master Yoda said, “Confidence friend.
His age he will have to transcend.
If he takes the right course
He will balance the Force.”
And Mace Windu did not move to contend.

Meanwhile Padme bequeathed her position
As Naboo’s elected polititian
To her friend, Jar Jar Binks,
Who, despite what we thinks,
Took it seriously, with humble ambition.

And then Skywalker tried to explain
The reason she couldn’t remain.
But she thought him a child
And it got Ani riled
His composure he had to regain.

She had to admit he was growing,
He even had some whiskers showing.
He looked deep in her eyes
Without trying to disguise
His feelings...yep, hormones were flowing.

Amidala then struggled to say,
“Please, don’t look at my face in that way.”
So Ani asked, “Why?”
They were suddenly shy.
And thus ended this awkward display.

Next time: Departing Coruscant

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Anakin's Solo Assignment

The next day these two Jedi reported
The near assassination they’d thwarted.
Obi Wan was assigned
To inquire and find
The Mando and the rockets he sported.

And now Ani was given a task,
Not a mystery case to unmask,
He’d continue his duty
To protect Padme’s booty
He’d volunteer in the case they didn’t ask.

They would have to return to Naboo,
Something he didn’t think think she would do.
Yoda said that she must
In their judgement keep trust.
If the Chancellor asked, she’d come through.

So to Palpatine’s chambers he went
To see if he’d lev’rage his bent
To persuade Amidala
To say, “Bye, give a holla!”
Or at least give reluctant consent.

The old Chancelor used this occasion
To influence with gentle persuasion,
And to stroke Ani’s pride
With a touch of Dark Side
You could say it was almost too brazen.

Next time: Anakin and Padme...Awkward...