Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Droids Follow

Artoo wasn't staying as told.
Staying put wasn't fun so he rolled
To catch up with his master.
Straight into disaster
Along with his buddy of gold.

And C3PO gasped with shocked awe
To see what went on deep in the maw.
To see droid making droid
Was a crime even Freud
Would have blushed to have seen what he saw.

"No pushing, Artoo" the droid warned.
But the little one wouldn't be scorned.
A small push firmly dealt
Put his friend on the belt
And it carried him off as he mourned.

Artoo, using rockets, gave chase.
The assembly line took 3PO's face,
Pulled it off of his body,
(that connection was shoddy)
Then affixed it to a battle droid base.

He said, "I'm confused!" (but no crying)
But Artoo right on past kept on flying.
To rescue Amidala
Who was trying to crawla
And get outta the bowl before dying.

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