Friday, September 9, 2011

Count Dooku Attempts to Sway Obi Wan

Obi Wan hung from glowing restraints
As he waits with the patience of saints.
He was seen by the Count
Who then tried to discount
His involvement; He playacts complaints...

“I will ask that they let you go soon!”
Promised Dooku (who then changed his tune...)
As he tried to sway Obi
To join him, although, be
Assured he was really a goon.

“The Jedi are blind to the fact
That the Sith have a growing impact.
The Senate is under
their sway and I wonder
If it’s already too late to act.”

“I need help,” Dooku went on to say,
“So it’s fortunate you’re here today.
If we work as a team,
We’ll uncover their scheme...”
“Work with you?” Obi answered, “No way!”

He continued, “I’ll never join you!
You’re a fraud, that’s the last thing I’d do.”
Dooku’s brow made a crease,
“To secure your release
May be difficult.” Then he withdrew.

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