Thursday, September 15, 2011

Padme and Anakin Arrive on Geonosis

As they land in a column of steam,
The two rescuers plan and they scheme.
“Ani, follow my lead
As to how to proceed,
With diplomacy.” (Padme’s main theme.)

So with that this pair marched through the cave,
Left the droids, saying, “You two behave.”
T’was a hard thing to do
For the little R2.
For a droid, he was gallantly brave.

Up ahead, the two humans went deeper
Inside of the cave which grew steeper.
Sensing creatures were coming,
His lightsaber humming,
Ani cut through a charging cave creeper.

Then he swung and cut down a few more
As Padme escaped through a door.
Then their walkway retracted
Before Padme reacted,
She slipped and fell down to the floor.

A conveyor belt broke Padme’s fall,
But before she rejoiced her close call
The belt took her away
Towards a factory. “Hey!
Where you going?” Ani called from the wall.

So he jumped down to follow her lead.
(Because that was the plan they’d agreed.)
Soon the cave’s rocky scenery
Gave way to machinery
Making legions of droids at great speed!

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