Friday, July 22, 2011

Anakin’s Confession

Padme tried very hard to console
Her friend who was out of control,
Getting madder, he vented.
“Could mom’s death be prevented?”
“There are some things you just can’t control.”

“But I could have!” he screamed, almost crying.
“And some day I’ll have power,” implying
That before too much longer
He’d become ten times stronger
With the power to stop needless dying.

“Obi Wan has been holding me back
‘Cuz he knows I’m the best in the pack.
What’s he afraid of?
I knows what I’m made of.”
Then he hurled his wrench ‘cross the shack.

His eyes weren’t containing his rage.
He admitted the slaughter he’d wage
Against Tusken Raiders,
There were no evaders
Regardless of gender or age.

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