Friday, July 8, 2011


Leaving Padme with his newfound kin,
Ani found where the Sand People’d been.
They exerted their presence
And murdered some peasants
Ani’s head now was starting to spin.

He caught up with their camp after dark
And found him a nice place to park.
Hut to hut the boy slid
To where mother was hid
When he found her, she made no remark.

She was tied to a frame in a hut.
Her face had been beaten and cut.
When she opened her eyes
She was near her demise
Ani felt he’d been kicked in the gut.

He said, “Mom, I am here, you are saved.”
She was close to the freedom she craved.
She said, “Son, I am proud...”
And then met death’s dark shroud.
She’d been freed but her son was enslaved...

...By the Dark Side, it came creeping in.
This is where his descent did begin.
He was losing his calm.
They would pay for his mom.
They’d ignited a fire deep within.

He let go and emerged from the tent
He was stressed and he needed to vent.
He lit up his saber
And started the labor
Of releasing the rage that was pent.

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