Friday, July 1, 2011


From the void, two small ships do appear,
First Slave I, the Fett’s thought they were clear.
But a split second later
They found a tailgater,
Obi caught up and brought up the rear.

The Fetts raced t’wards an asteroid field.
But Kenobi, unwilling to yeild,
Bravely followed them in
Let the dogfight begin!
The nerves of both parties were steeled.

Dodging astroids and firing shots,
Barrages of laser onslaughts,
Jango scored a hit
That just hurt a tiny bit
And fired a missle to finish his thoughts.

Using every last bit of his smarts,
Obi let go his cans of spare parts
With an intake of breath,
He faked his own death.
He appeared to be blown off the charts.

The Fett’s in their ‘victory’ wallowed,
But Obi had not yet been swallowed.
Despite Jango’s big pride,
Obi managed to hide,
And a few minutes later he followed.

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