Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Droid Army Buildup

Obi Wan came upon some construction
building droids and machines of destruction.
Then he spied on some scheming
By an unholy teaming
Making plans for Republic obstruction.

There was Gunray, our noseless aggressor
And Count Dooku, Padme’s secret oppressor.
They had power to flex
‘Cuz an army of mechs
Was supplied by Sir Poggle the Lesser.

There were others who joined Dooku’s ranks
From the Commerce Guild and from the banks.
With a treaty on the table
They were willing and able
To sign and say, “Show me the tanks!”

Obi tried to send out an alert
So the Jedi could try to avert
This impending civil war
They had not seen before.
He opened his commlink to blurt...

“Anakin do you read me?” he said.
The response from Naboo’s end was dead.
“What on earth can this mean?
His signal comes from Tatooine!”
So he sent his alert there instead.

That message was heard by Artoo
Who was on Tatooine, not Naboo.
Artoo listened and learned
And then Anakin returned
His revenge on the Tuskens was through.

LEGO Star Wars: Tusken Raider Encounter (7113)

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