Friday, July 22, 2011

Anakin’s Confession

Padme tried very hard to console
Her friend who was out of control,
Getting madder, he vented.
“Could mom’s death be prevented?”
“There are some things you just can’t control.”

“But I could have!” he screamed, almost crying.
“And some day I’ll have power,” implying
That before too much longer
He’d become ten times stronger
With the power to stop needless dying.

“Obi Wan has been holding me back
‘Cuz he knows I’m the best in the pack.
What’s he afraid of?
I knows what I’m made of.”
Then he hurled his wrench ‘cross the shack.

His eyes weren’t containing his rage.
He admitted the slaughter he’d wage
Against Tusken Raiders,
There were no evaders
Regardless of gender or age.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Droid Army Buildup

Obi Wan came upon some construction
building droids and machines of destruction.
Then he spied on some scheming
By an unholy teaming
Making plans for Republic obstruction.

There was Gunray, our noseless aggressor
And Count Dooku, Padme’s secret oppressor.
They had power to flex
‘Cuz an army of mechs
Was supplied by Sir Poggle the Lesser.

There were others who joined Dooku’s ranks
From the Commerce Guild and from the banks.
With a treaty on the table
They were willing and able
To sign and say, “Show me the tanks!”

Obi tried to send out an alert
So the Jedi could try to avert
This impending civil war
They had not seen before.
He opened his commlink to blurt...

“Anakin do you read me?” he said.
The response from Naboo’s end was dead.
“What on earth can this mean?
His signal comes from Tatooine!”
So he sent his alert there instead.

That message was heard by Artoo
Who was on Tatooine, not Naboo.
Artoo listened and learned
And then Anakin returned
His revenge on the Tuskens was through.

LEGO Star Wars: Tusken Raider Encounter (7113)

Friday, July 8, 2011


Leaving Padme with his newfound kin,
Ani found where the Sand People’d been.
They exerted their presence
And murdered some peasants
Ani’s head now was starting to spin.

He caught up with their camp after dark
And found him a nice place to park.
Hut to hut the boy slid
To where mother was hid
When he found her, she made no remark.

She was tied to a frame in a hut.
Her face had been beaten and cut.
When she opened her eyes
She was near her demise
Ani felt he’d been kicked in the gut.

He said, “Mom, I am here, you are saved.”
She was close to the freedom she craved.
She said, “Son, I am proud...”
And then met death’s dark shroud.
She’d been freed but her son was enslaved...

...By the Dark Side, it came creeping in.
This is where his descent did begin.
He was losing his calm.
They would pay for his mom.
They’d ignited a fire deep within.

He let go and emerged from the tent
He was stressed and he needed to vent.
He lit up his saber
And started the labor
Of releasing the rage that was pent.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Shmi's Family

The two lovebirds arrived at a bluff
Near a home that was lonely and rough.
From the ship they withdrew,
“You stay here, ‘kay, Artoo?
We need you to stay with our stuff.”

As they neared the conventional dwelling,
A friendly droid greeted them telling
Them, “I am C3PO...
Wait a sec’ don’t I know...
Master Anakin! My joy circuit’s swelling!”

Ani’s patience was tested and tried.
“I’m looking for mom,” he replied.
The droid seemed sincere
With a caring, “Oh dear...
...I think we had better go inside.”

In the courtyard introductions were made.
Owen Lars and Beru, then conveyed
Though they had different mother’s
The two were step-brothers
And that Shmi had been snatched in a raid.

Old man Cliegg nearly paid with his life
As his rescue attempt met with strife
It had been thirty days
And although Cliegg still prays,
There was just not much hope for her life.

Ani said, “She’s alive! I can feel it.”
My dreams and the Force, they reveal it.
I will go bring her back,
And I probably will smack
A few Tusken’s, those Raiders will squeal

Monday, July 4, 2011

A Word About Limericks - The Anapest

As I've discussed before in a post back on May 13th, the limerick is composed of five lines: Two long, two short, one long. To state that more accurately, lines 1,2 and 5 consist of three anapestic feet, while lines 3 and 4 have only 2 anapestic feet.

But what is an anapest? Simply put, the anapest is the basic building block of a limerick and is responsible for the familiar bouncy meter we find in limericks. An anapestic foot is a three syllable section, beginning with two unstressed syllables followed by an accented syllable.

Saturday, July 2, 2011


Geonosis, a rocky red planet:
Buttes and mesas...stalagtites did span it.
Obi found revelation,
The Trade Federation
Was based here and Count Dooku ran it.

Friday, July 1, 2011


From the void, two small ships do appear,
First Slave I, the Fett’s thought they were clear.
But a split second later
They found a tailgater,
Obi caught up and brought up the rear.

The Fetts raced t’wards an asteroid field.
But Kenobi, unwilling to yeild,
Bravely followed them in
Let the dogfight begin!
The nerves of both parties were steeled.

Dodging astroids and firing shots,
Barrages of laser onslaughts,
Jango scored a hit
That just hurt a tiny bit
And fired a missle to finish his thoughts.

Using every last bit of his smarts,
Obi let go his cans of spare parts
With an intake of breath,
He faked his own death.
He appeared to be blown off the charts.

The Fett’s in their ‘victory’ wallowed,
But Obi had not yet been swallowed.
Despite Jango’s big pride,
Obi managed to hide,
And a few minutes later he followed.