Thursday, June 30, 2011

Watto Revisited

The familiar dry place, Tattooine
Is where we will find the next scene.
Our young pair has returned
To the place two suns burned;
To the shop of old Watto the Mean.

They found him attempting to fix
A small droid making whistles and clicks.
Watto stammered in fright
At the strange Jedi knight
Til he recognized Anakin’s tricks.

Ani fixed the droid and turned it on
Any doubts Watto had were now gone.
There was only one kid
Who could do what Ani did
“It IS you, you little Sith-spawn!”

“I came here to look for my ma
To save her the pain I foresaw.”
Watto already sold her...
A guy named Lars told her
That she could be free, Oh! Hurrah!

To Anakin, this was good news
That Shmi was now free, no issues!
Now he just had to find
This Lars to ease his mind.
A trip crost the desert ensues.

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