Friday, June 3, 2011

Departing Coruscant

Dressed as peasants, the two made their way
To the spaceport where huge freighters lay
Taking cargo and crew,
Occasionally a few
Bargain travellers, sub-par, but hey...

Obi Wan told his student, “Goodbye.
Won’t be long ‘til I’ve found the bad guy.
Don’t do nothing at all
Not unless you first call
...if long distance, a charge may apply...”

Padme thanked Obi Wan then they parted,
But almost as soon as they’d started
Padme said, “I am scared.”
And then Ani declared,
“Me too,” (Awww...he’s kind hearted)

“But at least we have got ol’ Artoo!”
Padme laughed. (I admit, I did too.)
Obi Wan, who was waiting,
Ends the scene simply stating,
“I hope that this day we won’t rue.”

Next time: Dex's Diner

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