Sunday, June 5, 2011

Younglings Help

Obi went to the archives again
For a map to this place that cloned men.
He tried to look where
Dex had’s not there!
Obi didn’t know where to go then.

With his lead getting cold and now waning,
He entered where younglings were training.
The kids were overseen
By the Master who’s green.
Basic Jedi techniques they were gaining.

“Kids, a visitor's here” Yoda said.
As they looked, Obi nodded his head.
“I’m sorry for disturbing,
But something quite perturbing.
Makes me fear that my trail has gone dead.

“It is likely that help you we can”
Said the short, green, and old, big-eared man.
“There’s an orbiting sphere
That’s supposed to be here,”
Pointed Obi, to a blank little span.

“Lost a planet? Embarrasing this.”
Master Yoda said, “Something’s amiss.”
Then an innocent faced
Youngling said, “It’s erased!”
Truly wonderful a child’s mind is.

Out of earshot, the Masters discussed
That this meant that a Jedi broke trust.
A whole planet was hidden
And this mystery was ridden
With betrayal. They just breached the crust.

Next time: Amidala Reports to the Queen

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