Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Kiss (Eeeewww, cover your eyes, kids!)

At the lakeside, a breathtaking scene,
The view from the lodge was serene.
She told stories from youth,
Anakin got uncouth...
Put the moves on...ya know what I mean?

As they talked, his stare grew more intense.
She was soft’ning, still riding the fence.
He leaned in and kissed her
She was not a resister,
Not at first...but then girls don’t make sense.

She apologized, “This isn’t right.”
It was more a safeguard than a slight.
A pained look on his face,
Ani slowed up the pace.
Pretending to agree, but not quite.

The tour at Kamino moved on,
His initial surprise almost gone.
As the cloner chief boasted,
Obi asked who had hosted,
He asked who’s DNA they had drawn.

T’was a hunter of bounties, named Fett
Who had not left the premises yet.
Obi Wan asked to meet him
(To catch and defeat him)
This hunter perhaps was Padme’s threat.

Next time: More Disgusting Flirting

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