Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Amidala Reports To The Queen

In the giant port city of Theed,
From the freighter our trio was freed.
Amidala and Ani,
With Artoo as the nanny,
Admired Naboo’s beauty indeed.

The humans shared stories of yore,
Remembrances of times before.
Like Padme’s short reign
And the people’s campain
To let Amidala rule more.

Amidala was glad to be through,
That her terms as queen numbered just two.
Though she quickly agreed
To be “Senator from Theed”.
Ani said, “The Republic needs you.”

Before long they were at the Queen’s court
With Coruscant news to report.
The queen named Jamillia
With whom I’m not familia...er...
Questioned Count Dooku’s support.

“There are many,” the Senator said,
“Who are under Count Dooku’s wingspread.
If we dare enlist troops,
That would be a big ‘oops’,
It would mean civil war up ahead.”

“Does the Trade Federation still stand?
I had heard that some changes were planned
To reduce army size,
And if Gunray complies,
Then Hell will freeze over,” Queen panned.

“Ma’am, I doubt that we’ve had so much luck.
That Guild is still running amuck.
We don’t wan’t to have war,
Let us hope that a door
Will open so a deal can be struck.”

Next time: Kamino

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