Saturday, June 18, 2011

Obi Wan Meets Jango Fett

Obi Wan and Taun We rang the bell,
Then waited for the boy to go tell
His dad they had guests.
The onus then rests
Upon Obi to question him well.

Obi sized up this man, Jango Fett.
He suspected the same guy he met
As a shooter of darts
From a place off the charts,
This was HIM, he was willing to bet.

Obi spotted on the small closet floor
Was some armor that was from Mandalore.
“Sifo-Dyas, have you met him?”
Obi Wan tried to let him
Get tangled in questions. He asked more.

Jango claimed Darth Tyranus was his boss,
A name for which Obi was at a loss
Obi studied his eyes
And then said his goodbyes.
This man’s lying was making him cross.

Jango’s nerve had begun to unweave.
And he wiped a sweaty brow on his sleeve.
He said, “I’ve had enough,
Boba, pack up your stuff.
On the double, it is time that we leave.”

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