Thursday, June 2, 2011

Anakin and Padme...Awkward...

Obi Wan had to voice his concern
At the choice of his youthful intern
To be Padme’s defender.
He thought him too tender
And too full of self, much to learn.

Master Yoda said, “Confidence friend.
His age he will have to transcend.
If he takes the right course
He will balance the Force.”
And Mace Windu did not move to contend.

Meanwhile Padme bequeathed her position
As Naboo’s elected polititian
To her friend, Jar Jar Binks,
Who, despite what we thinks,
Took it seriously, with humble ambition.

And then Skywalker tried to explain
The reason she couldn’t remain.
But she thought him a child
And it got Ani riled
His composure he had to regain.

She had to admit he was growing,
He even had some whiskers showing.
He looked deep in her eyes
Without trying to disguise
His feelings...yep, hormones were flowing.

Amidala then struggled to say,
“Please, don’t look at my face in that way.”
So Ani asked, “Why?”
They were suddenly shy.
And thus ended this awkward display.

Next time: Departing Coruscant

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