Saturday, June 4, 2011

Dex's Diner

Obi Wan followed up on the dart
That made the assassin depart.
The analysis droid
Did a search, came up void!
And the droid was supposed to be smart.

If their system did not have a match,
Obi Wan had a taxi to catch,
Because way across town
Was a man of renown--
Dex would strings attached.

Dexter Jettster owned a cafe
In a place that was out of the way.
When he saw Obi Wan,
Who was like his own son,
He ran out with a friendly display.

They sat down, Obi showed him the dart.
Dexter looked then had this to impart:
“Well looky what we know,
This came from Kamino.
See the markings, right here on this part?”

Obi Wan hadn’t heard of that world
But this case had to soon be unfurled.
He thanked Dex for his time,
Shedding light on this crime.
Off to find where this odd planet twirled.

Next time: Younglings Help

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