Thursday, June 16, 2011

More Disgusting Flirting
(Almost done with this part, I promise!)

On Naboo, Ani had to change gears.
He asked Padme, “Think back a few years...
Tell me ‘bout your first crush.”
Without blushing a blush
She said, “Curly hair Palo?” Ani sneers.

“He became an artist, “ she doted,
“I went into politics and voted.”
“Maybe going into art
Was a little more smart,”
Noted Ani, who mischievously gloated.

“I get the sense you don’t like politicians”
Said the object of Ani’s ambitions.
“Oh...there’s two or three,
And another...maybe
That I’ve met on a few of my missions.”

He complained that the system was broken,
That solutions were not often spoken,
Padme explained that they tried
But that often each side
Had flexibility that was oaken.

“Then something that occurs to me
Is that they should be made to agree,
By a strong and wise leader
And not a heart bleeder,”
Said Ani, a little idealistically.

“So you think that a despot should rule?”
Amidala asked, losing her cool.
“If it works,” Ani shrugged.
She ‘bout near came unplugged,
‘Til it dawned that he was playing the fool.

They were there for the whole afternoon
In the meadow, these two did commune.
There was more issue skirting
And some really bad flirting,
But I’d rather be gagged with a spoon.

(Next time it’s back to the action!)

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  1. How your own princess puts up with you with an attitude toward flirting like that, I have no idea. :P But I'm impressed by your ability to make these circumstances come out in rhyme and more or less in rhythm.