Monday, June 13, 2011


They discussed Padme’s safety and asked
With what steps the “Master” Jedi had tasked.
“Oh, he’s not a Master,”
Smiled Padme, much faster
Than Anakin, the padawan unmasked.

That Padme had rejected his lead.
Had Ani just a little bit teed.
It was true, he was young
So he just held his tongue.
Once again, he would have to concede.

Her idea really wasn’t so bad.
They’d hide out at a cool lakeside pad.
And had Anakin known
That he’d have her alone,
He would never have gotten so mad.

Far across the outreaches of space,
Obi Wan had arrived at the place
Where the dart had come from.
In a swirling maelstrom,
He landed. He was back on the case.

He was met by the tall, thin Taun We
Who revealed they’re expecting Obi.
He masked his surprise
Which turned out to be wise,
Without knowing, they spilled the beans, see?

What he found chilled him deep in his bones.
The Kaminoans explained in hushed tones,
“When he last came to see us
Your Master Sifo-Dyas
Had ordered an army of clones.”

Next time: A Kiss

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