Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Obi vs. Jango

After his transmission was sent,
Back inside Obi Wan went
To Jango Fett’s dwelling.
Suspicions were swelling.
He was missing in any event.

Seeing Jango Fett’s near-empty dorm,
Obi rushed to the landing platform.
There was Fett and his son
Preparing Slave One
To take off in the bitter rainstorm.

He switched on his sword as he ran.
Giving Jango no time to preplan.
Fett took careful aim.
Obi came just the same,
Batting lasers as fast as he can.

His charge hadn’t gone as he planned.
They collided and fought hand to hand.
Somehow tangled in wires,
Jango’s rocket misfires,
They fell and saw the ocean firsthand.

Jango dug in his wrist mounted claws,
T’was enough to give his descent pause.
But Obi slid past,
He’d better think fast
It appeared he met watery jaws.

Fett ascended and ran to his ship.
Obi Wan, with a hop and a skip,
Made a throw that was nice,
A small tracking device
Connected with magnetic grip.

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