Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Anakin's Solo Assignment

The next day these two Jedi reported
The near assassination they’d thwarted.
Obi Wan was assigned
To inquire and find
The Mando and the rockets he sported.

And now Ani was given a task,
Not a mystery case to unmask,
He’d continue his duty
To protect Padme’s booty
He’d volunteer in the case they didn’t ask.

They would have to return to Naboo,
Something he didn’t think think she would do.
Yoda said that she must
In their judgement keep trust.
If the Chancellor asked, she’d come through.

So to Palpatine’s chambers he went
To see if he’d lev’rage his bent
To persuade Amidala
To say, “Bye, give a holla!”
Or at least give reluctant consent.

The old Chancelor used this occasion
To influence with gentle persuasion,
And to stroke Ani’s pride
With a touch of Dark Side
You could say it was almost too brazen.

Next time: Anakin and Padme...Awkward...