Sunday, June 19, 2011

Flirting Again (I think this is the last of it)

In the evening the two love birds had dinner.
Ani showed off a Force trick: Fruit Spinner!
The fruit hovered and floated,
On Padme, he doted.
Had his game on, the big cheesy grinner.

He cut up the fruit into strips
And floated a piece to her lips.
He gave all he was worth
To elicit her mirth
With his smooth Jedi tricks and his quips.

Later on they enjoyed a warm fire.
Ani showed, once again, his desire.
Though it drove them berserk,
This affair couldn’t work
Because Jedi for love can’t aspire.

On Kamino, our deft Jedi sleuth,
Sent a message that spelled out the truth
To Yoda and Mace
Of this odd cloning place
And the army that was armed to the tooth.

T’was alarming that they could not see
In advance this stealth activity.
Should they inform the Senate?
Honesty was a tenet
But Yoda said, “For now, let it be.”

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