Thursday, May 5, 2011

Anakin Takes Control

In a fighter ship that flew on its own
Was a boy who was only half grown.
He drifted in the void
With his astromech droid
And their situation took a dire tone.

A ship blew up right behind them
The flash did temporarily blind them
Anakin said, “Artoo,
Could you find out if you
Can find the autopilot wires and unwind them?”

Artoo had blue lights and red
And noises that came out of his head
There’s bleeps and there’s bloops
And they come out in groups
And somehow Anakin knows what he’s said.

To the left Ani slightly nudged his stick
And his wing dipped and waved just a tick.
“Way to go Artoo!
I knew you’d come through.
Now I can steer in this hostile traffic!”

Artoo said, “Bleep Bleep Blip Blip.”
Which meant, “lets go back...end of trip”
But Ani wasn’t done,
Dog fighting was fun
“Qui Gon told me to stay in this ship!”

With the enemy hot on his tail
Ani tried to shake him to no avail.
The enemy laser spit
And Anakin was hit
Causing Artoo to beep and wail.

By the time control was regained
In the landing bay, Ani’s ship was contained
When they finally stopped,
Artoo whistled and popped,
Warning of the battle droids attention they’d attained.

Next time: Qui Gon Jin vs. Darth Maul
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