Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Battles Rage

Out in the battle on the plains
Binks was tangled in a droids remains
He shimmied and shook
But with each step he took
The laser fired and fried more droids brains.

The droid captain was not satisfied
With the progress achieved by his side.
The wheel droids were told
To roll in and unfold
And when they did, many Gungans died.

Up above, Ani argued with Artoo.
The autopilot they couldn’t undo.
They were headed straight for
The Federation’s core
The Command Ship that terrorized Naboo.

Down below, the Jedi fought the Sith
They were having some problems with.
Every tactic they applied,
He took it right in stride
He’d be a hard one to defeat forthwith.

Amidala and her troops were hunkered down,
In a hallway hiding from the droids they found.
So out the window they went
And made a short ascent
Straight up the wall they were throne room bound.

In the field, the battle was heated.
Overmatched, the Gungans retreated.
Jar Jar slipped and he falls
And spilt the energy balls
Which rolled down the hill and destruction meted.

Next time: Anakin Takes Control
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