Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Opening Crawl

I’m back from whereabouts unknowns
Called by popular demand (and some groans).
I did some writing while I was gone,
And now the story must go on,
So welcome to part two, “Attack of the Clones”.

Years passed since the events on Theed.
The Republic had some wanting to secede.
They sure meant it
And told the Senate,
“We’re splitting so we can get what we need.”

The Separatists made peace unsure.
And not everything had a Jedi cure.
And it’s worth noting
The Senate was voting
On whether or not an army to procure.

Amidala, the Queen of Naboo,
Is now a Senator in Episode Two
So amid all this din
Is where we’ll begin,
Over Coruscant, her ship comes into view.

Two Naboo fighters escorted her down
To the landing platform high above town
The fighter pilots disembarked
And one of them remarked,
“I guess there was no danger,” with a frown.

No sooner had Captain Typho spoken
The silence of the moment was broken
The “danger” that he boded
Manifested and exploded
As a bomb caused a-screamin’ and a-croakin’.

The Senator sunk down to the ground
And she died as everyone gathered ‘round
But the person in the rubble
Was actually a stunt double,
Amidala was the other pilot, everyone found.

Next Time: Palpatine and the Jedi


  1. This is a limerick?!? Unless limericks have less metrical freedom than I can possibly imagine (thanks for the straight line, Obi-Wan), half of the zest that makes a limerick what it is, is missing.

    Use the force, Luke. :)

  2. Ouch, a critic! LOL, thank you though, you're right. I've already written the next three days' posts, but starting Sunday, I'll be trying to stay true to the anapest.

  3. And now that I know who you are, and thanks to your undeservedly gracious reply, I look forward to the upgrade! :D