Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The End!

So the game seemed to be up for Nute and Rune
Even with powerful ties, they weren’t immune.
Amadala gave up their custody
To Palpatine and trusted he
Would see them brought to justice in front of tribune.

Congratulations then were passed around
Palpatine had political power newly found
He promised not to cease
Working for galactic peace
Palpatine knew how to project an assuring sound.

Yoda then conferred with Obi-Wan
The possibility that Ani was the Chosen One
“You are now a Jedi Knight
But I still don’t think it’s right
For you to take Ani as your padawan.

That night they gathered for a funeral pyre,
And Qui Gon Jin’s lifeless body was set afire.
Yoda and Mace talked myth
Regarding the ancient Sith
Always two there were, a master and a squire.

The next day the Naboo had a great parade
To celebrate the Gungan friends they made
Gathered side by side
The whole cast smiled and sighed
Including Anakin, sporting a padawan braid!

And now the whole story is through
Wait, I guess that might not be true.
Although I’m done
Retelling Episode One
Next up is Episode Two!

Coming next...Attack of the Clones!

Star Wars: The Complete Saga (Episodes I-VI) [Blu-ray]

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