Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Bar

Obi Wan then did enter the bar
And before he had gone very far
A dude with antennae...
or dreadlocks in henna?
Offered death sticks...whatever they are.

The Jedi just gestured his hand
For a trick the weak minded can’t stand
“You don’t want to sell this,”
He said, trying to dismiss.
And the weird dude repeated the command.

“Now go home and rethink your life, man”
The dude left from the bar, nay, he ran,
To go home and rethink.
Obi threw back a drink,
And he gave the rough bar a quick scan.

He sensed trouble which quickly he found.
I sensed Wesell and whipped right around.
He slashed with his sword
And then Zam Wesell roared,
‘Cuz her hand was now found on the ground.

Quickly Anakin rushed to his side,
Told the patrons, “We Jedi preside.
Go back to your beer,
Not a thing to see here.”
Then the Jedi took Wesell outside.

Next time: Interrogation

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