Thursday, May 19, 2011

Palpatine and the Jedi

So the real Amidala lived to fight another day
And Captain Typho safely whisked her away.
In the next scene
We find Palpatine
Meeting with a Jedi soiree.

“At some point it will come to a vote,”
Said the Chancellor, who then seemed to gloat.
“I won’t let this be,
They must listen to me,
I won’t let the Separatists sink my boat.”

Mace Windu, (who wore no hairpiece),
Said, “The Jedi are keepers of peace.
If the Separatists defect,
We’re too few to protect
You would need extra troops for police.

“Master Yoda, will it really come to war?”
Chancellor Palpatine did implore.
“The Dark Side clouds me
So impossible to see
So I can’t really say any more.”

A buzzing sound informed the group
Of the arrival of Amidala’s troop
After greetings were passed,
The Senator asked,
“This assasination attempt, what’s the scoop?”

They had hunches but not for sure who...
Amidala said, “I think it’s Count Dooku.”
This caused some surprise
But in the Jedi’s eyes
Dooku was not evil, just cuckoo.

Then the talk took a serious inflection,
Palpatine made a most wise suggestion.
Against Padme’s will
He insisted still
That she be placed under Jedi protection.

Next time: Old Friends Reunited

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