Monday, May 2, 2011


The Gungans approached Theed head on,
Darth Maul said, “This must be a con.
They try to deceive,
There’s a trick up their sleeve,
I wouldn’t put it past a Jedi like Qui Gon.

The Viceroy said, “Shall we proceed?”
“Wipe them all out,” Sidious agreed.
So the Federation tanks
Formed up their ranks
And thus started the battle for Theed.

The Gungans started up their energy shield
Two armies faced each other cross the field.
And then the entire
Droid Army opened fire,
But the Gungan defenses didn’t yield.

Meanwhile outside Theed’s main hangar,
The Naboo, with indignant anger,
Stormed their way in
Slicing soldiers of tin
Into spare parts of disheartened languor.

The Nemoidians watched on a screen
The unfolding hangar battle scene.
“The battle’s so near!”
Said Nute, hiding fear.
Darth Maul left to go confront the Queen.

On the plain, the droid tanks ceased fire.
A new tactic they would require
The Gungans were floored
To see an infinite horde
Of robots marching down to the mire.

The droids were ordered to charge.
The Gungans eyeballs got large
They fired a shower
of balls made of power
That made the droids spark and discharge.

Next time: Anakin Stays Put

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