Sunday, May 8, 2011

Tides Turned

Another “queen” appeared at the door.
The Neimoidians’ jaws hit the floor.
“Get her!” Nute cried
But pursuit did divide
As half the droids after her tore.

“Your queen will not escape,” Gunray bragged.
Down in her chair Amidala sagged
A secret drawer opens
Where she’s hidden some guns
And soon the rest of the droids are bagged.

Nute realized that he had been burned.
The tides of this skirmish had turned.
But if he could delay,
More droids would come this way
And then his control would be returned.

As soon as the ray shields unlit
Obi Wan attacked with vengeance and grit
He fought with great vigor
But Maul’s vigor was bigger
And he knocked Obi Wan down a pit.

Darth Maul’s eyes were crazy and wild.
It was even creepier when he smiled.
Obi gathered his strength
As he measured the length
Between his saber, the floor and Mr. Reviled.

Maul’s last words resembled a laugh.
His cockiness proved a fatal gaffe.
With an amazing backflip
And Qui Gon’s sword in his grip,
Obi Wan sliced Darth Maul’s body in half.

Qui Gon, dying of the wound in his chest,
Pleaded with Obi a last request
“Even if it’s forbid,
You have to train that kid.”
Then at last, Qui Gon was ready for eternal rest.

Next time: Victory!
Star Wars episode I DARTH MAUL poster Phantom Menace - 11x17

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