Friday, May 6, 2011

Qui Gon Jin vs. Darth Maul

Darth Maul and our two Jedi champs
Were leaping over catwalks and ramps
Obi Wan took a fall
From a kick by Darth Maul
Who into a ray shielded corridor encamps.

Qui Gon Jin on his own did give chase
After the Sith with the black and red face
The ray shield was on
And then it was gone.
And down the hallway they did race.

From the hallway Darth Maul did emerge,
Just before another ray shield surge.
Qui Gon had to wait
Just outside the gate
Before this evil Sith he could purge.

Qui Gon sat in a peaceful calm stance.
Hardly giving Maul a second glance.
The Sith stared and sneered.
Obi Wan finally appeared
At the other end of the corridor’s expanse.

When the ray shields were opened again,
Another bout for the weary swordsmen.
Obi sprinted down the hall
And past most of the ray walls
Unfortunately there were eleven, not ten.

So Qui Gon attacked one on one.
Had he waited for Obi, he might have won.
Darth Maul punched his chin
And thrust his sword in
And poor Qui Gon Jin’s fight was done!

Obi Wan looked on in anguished shock.
And waited for the door to unlock
With no time to grieve
He tried to believe
That he had himself a Sith to defrock.

Next time: The Darkest Hour
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