Monday, May 9, 2011


Keeping his promise to Qui Gon to stay seated,
Ani’s starfighter was reposed and overheated.
Indicators of red
Meant the systems were dead
But Artoo was working as he whistled and tweeted.

A  Battle Droid strode up, “Where’s your pilot?”
Artoo replied (in droid), “Dude, I fly it.”
Battle Droid said, “Funny,
Now show me some ID.”
The indicators turned green, so Ani tried it.

One button press fired a laser blast
And mowed down the enemy that had amassed.
Ani wanted more
”What’s this other button for?”
So he pressed it and two torpedoes whistled past.

Torpedoes missed the droids and went astray.
“I missed Artoo, now lets fly away.”
But he forgot to factor
The ship’s main reactor
His accidental target saved the day!

But now there was no time to wait.
The command ship was in a serious state.
Without any dawdle
Ani hit the throttle
And escaped just as it did detonate.

With the command ship blown into bits,
The droid army lost all it’s wits.
When the fireball appeared
The Gungans all cheered
And the robots all fell down and called it quits.

When Ani and Artoo reached the ground
They were unaware at the fame they’d found
The other pilots were eyeing
This boy of superb flying
He didn’t understand why they gathered ‘round.

Next time: The End
Star Wars Episode I Action Fleet - Naboo Starfighter Featuring Anakin Skywalker

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