Saturday, May 21, 2011

Learn Your Place, Padawan

“I don’t need a chaperone who’s protective.
What really would like is a detective
To find out who is trying
To blow me up and make me dying
I think that should really be your main objective.”

Obi Wan reminded her their charter,
To prevent her from becoming a martyr.
But Anakin promised more
He said he’d mop the floor
With the assassin’s face and then once again…even harder.

“We will not exceed our mandate, young padawan!”
Was the stern rebuke that came from Obi Wan.
“Keeping her from harm
From evil gendarme
Not investigating hither and yon!”

“This assasin is Padme’s vexing specter,
By hunting him down, we’d protect her.”
Anakin argued
In a way that did intrude
On Obi Wan’s role as the duo’s director.

“Anakin, you will follow my lead.
Your britches’ capacity you exceed,”
Obi did decry,
But Anakin asked, “Why?”
As Jedi, their presence was overkill indeed.

“We will follow the instructions from Mace
And you will remember your place.”
Said Obi to his student
Trying to be prudent.
Padme intervened with diplomatic grace.

”Perhaps by your mere presence you’ll uncover
This mysterious cloud that doth hover”
And with that reprieve,
The Senator took her leave,
And Anakin thought, “Man, I love her.”

Next time: The Assassins Plot Again

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