Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dreams Interrupted

“I’ve been having bad dreams,” Ani said.
“My mother is haunting my head.”
“These dreams will pass soon,
Even we aren’t immune
To our feelings which can be misread.”

While they talked, a small window appeared
Loud enough that Artoo woke and peered
A quick look around
It appeared safe and sound
So he switched off again...I know...weird.

Centipedes then proceeded to enter
While Ani conversed with his mentor.
They discussed politics
The mistrust it inflicts,
While the bugs inched their way t’wards the center.

Artoo woke up and shreiked in alarm.
The two bugs were now up Padme’s arm.
The Jedi sensed trouble
And they ran on the double
To keep Amidala from harm.

Next time: A Wild Ride

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