Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Darkest Hour

As if Qui Gon’s defeat weren’t enough
Everywhere else, the going was rough.
With the Gungans retreating,
The queen’s chances fleeting,
And even Anakin’s situation was tough.

The Gungan’s battle shields were destroyed
And the Federation army’s tanks were deployed.
And even in retreat,
Jar Jar’s stumbling feet
Were a menace to the unwary battle droid.

The outcome on the battlefield looked bleak.
The Gungan’s found themselves up a creek.
We’ve carried out our routine,
Now I just hope the queen
Has had time now to work her technique.

In fact, the queen’s party had been caught.
A bit short of their targeted spot.
They gave up their guns
To the Viceroy’s minions
The whole plan seemed to be going for naught.

Four Neimoidians stood in a line
Their intentions were nothing benign.
“You tried and you failed,
The Federation prevailed,
Once again, queen, here’s the treaty, now sign!”

Next time: Tides Turned
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