Saturday, May 28, 2011

Crash Landing

Hand to hand Zam and Anakin fought
Til a hole in the floorboard was shot
Spinning out of control
As the fight took its toll
They crashed in a nightlife hotspot.

Zam Wesell ran off through a door
Obi Wan caught up just before
His padawan gave chase,
Obi slowed up his pace,
He had Anakin’s sword to restore.

“The assassin’s a changeling,” said Ani.
As he dusted the dust from his fanny.
“And I’ve cause to suspect
That the person who wrecked,
Is a woman, mid-twenties, not a granny.”

Kenobi advised they slow down.
He’d teach patience and care to this clown.
“I’ve a feeling you’ll be
The death of ol’ me,”
Said the dry Jedi Knight with a frown.

“I’m trying my best,” said the younger,
Hardly hiding his hankering hunger,
To get in and find ‘er
And shackle and bind ‘er
And send this assassin down under.

“Go get her,” Obi said with a wink.
“But be careful and please try to think.”
His young pupil was glowing
And asked, “Where you going?”
Obi Wan answered, “I need a drink.”

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