Monday, May 23, 2011


Mace and Yoda traversed down a hall.
They were trying to make sense of it all.
The Dark Side was growing
And the Jedi weren’t knowing
Why the Light Side was starting to pall.

Meanwhile Anakin stood watching guard
Though his line of clear sight had been barred.
Padme hindered his view
But she programmed Artoo
To warn Ani if the going got hard.

When the Senator had gone to bed
Obi Wan kept no secrets and said,
“You can’t use her as bait
That was not our mandate
We should tighten security instead.”

Calmly Anakin said, “Relax, man.
Through the Force I can sense better than
Any sensor we’ve got.
Though that astro robot
Is now doing a perimeter scan.”

Little did they know that outside
A small probe gave two creatures a ride
It was making its way
To a sleeping Padme,
(T’was the worms that Jango supplied.)

Next time: Dreams Interrupted

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