Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Wild Ride

The bugs were ‘bout ready to bite
Poor Padme who slept through the night.
Lucky Anakins’ saber
Cut the worm... and his neighbor
And Padme was saved. Yay! Alright!

The droid was still hovering outside.
Obi Wan took no time to decide.
He was risking his...mass
As he jumped through the glass
And he took the bad droid for a ride.

As the droid carried Obi away
Down the Coruscant floating highway
Ani stormed the garage
And found a hodgepodge
Of fine speeders, but where’s the valet?

Obi Wan, hanging on real tight
Had a sweet birdseye view of the night
The droid did its best
To get rid of its guest
Giving Obi a turbulent flight.

Zam Wesell saw the droid’s botched return
And decided it was time it did burn.
She picked up her gun
And the droid’s days were done
In a fiery explosion, nocturne!

Obi Wan fell through space like a brick
Through traffic a hundred levels thick,
Until caught by a speeder
And I tell you, dear reader
That poor Obi was shocked and airsick.

Next time: The Chase Is On


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