Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Chase is On

“What took you so long?” Obi grilled,
Upset at almost getting killed.
“You want to hitchhike?
Couldn’t find one I like,”
Replied Ani,  you could tell he was thrilled.

“My young padawan best bite his lips
And should work with his sword, not his quips.”
With Skywalker driving,
His ego was thriving
As after Zam Wesell he zips.

He drove like a bat out of hell.
Obi Wan wasn’t feeling so well.
“I don’t think you like flying,”
Said Anakin, sighing.
“Flying?! It’s suicide. Farewell!”

Obi Wan was coming unsnapped
Ani flew through an arc and got zapped.
For a moment seemed they’d lost’er
But Anakin regained his posture
Took a shortcut t’was perfectly mapped.

“Excuse me,” Anakin quipped.
Obi Wan thought his Padawan had flipped,
For he jumped o’er the side
And with gravity defied,
Landed on Wesell’s ride, (which he gripped).

Next time: Midair Struggle

Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

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