Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Anakin Stays Put

Ani hid in a ship with Artoo.
And watched as the pilots of Naboo
Rose up to skies
Like a whole swarm of flies
Okay...not a swarm... but quite a few.

The queen said, “Let’s head for the throne.”
“Wait for me!” Anakin did intone.
“Anakin, stay your feet,
Keep your butt in that seat.”
Said Qui Gon, making his authority known.

The group made their way towards the hall.
They were met at the door by Darth Maul.
Protecting their neighbors
The Jedi lit their sabers
And said, “We’ll take care o’ this one, y’all.”

At the same time some battle droids rolled in.
Separating Amidala from Qui Gon Jin.
But R2D2
Knew just what to do
And started up the fighter for the win!

Anakin was learning the controls
There was blinking buttons and consoles.
With a gleeful snigger
He pulled on the trigger
And decorated the battle droids with holes.

With the Jedi engaging Darth Maul,
Amidala’s crew ran down the hall.
And out the hangar flew
Anakin and Artoo
And up to the outer space brawl.

On the ground, a swashbuckling ado,
Darth Maul’s moves were akin to Kung Fu.
He leaped and he jumped
And the Jedi were stumped
Because Maul had not one blade, but two!

Next time: The Battles Rage

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