Friday, May 20, 2011

Old Friends Reunited

Wanting to protect, not offend,
The Jedi assigned an old friend,
To watch after Padme
The two person cadre
Of Obi Wan and Anakin they’d send.

Coincidentally, those two appeared
And my friends, it was just as I feared
He used to be small
But now Anakin was tall
And Obi Wan had grown himself a beard.

Obi Wan had picked up an odd sense
That Anakin was growing more tense.
His face went all flush
Because of his crush,
Obi Wan laughed at Anakin’s expense.

“Here goes nothing,” Anakin thinks.
The door opened and there was Mr. Binks!
Upon seeing Kenobi,
He yells, “Obi Obi Obi!”
Then he looks at Anakin and he blinks.

“And you must be who?” Jar Jar begins...
“OH! He’s so big! Its Anakins!”
He gives a big hug,
And with a sheepish mug,
Says, “Shesa waitin...come on ins.”

The Gungan entered, smiling ear to ear.
Cleared his throat and announced, “Looks who’s here!”
Amidala and Obi greeted
And then she was treated
To an awkward compliment from Ani, though sincere.

She laughed it off, called him “little boy”
Anakin blushed, but it gave Obi and Typho joy.
“You won’t notice us here,”
Said Obi-Wan, lest she fear,
That the Jedi would be meddlesome and annoy.

Next time: Learn Your Place Padawan

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