Friday, May 27, 2011

Midair Struggle

Zam was startled to see a new rider
And then slammed on the brakes of the glider.
Ani flew to the front
Where he slammed with a grunt
...For a second Zam looked like a spider?

We will find that this Zam can disguise.
His face, as a Clawdite, defies
All laws of reason
To fit any season.
A shapeshifter loves to surprise.

So then Zam drew a gun and opened fire
Which ignited Ani’s sword and his ire.
The hero, so dashing
Proceeded with slashing
Until he dropped his light saber. Bad squire!

So with Skywalker’s sword in midair
Obi Wan made a nice flying snare.
He’d have words for Ani later,
About trying to take greater
Precautions with his Jedi hardware.

Next time: Crash Landing

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