Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Anakin Can Help

Seated at the table for dinner
Jar Jar was a slurper and grinner
He snatched with his tongue
Qui Gon caught him and clung,
“Don’t do that again or I’ll skin’yer.”

They talked about attempts at tracing
Chips placed in the slaves' outer casing.
If a slave tries to run,
They’re pretty much done
That’s the fate the Skywalkers were facing.

Anakin had an unlikely skill
For which most other humans would kill
For most people lacked
The ability to react
Quick enough to aim a podracer’s grill.

Qui Gon asked, “it takes skills, am I right?”
“To keep a podracer in flight?”
Said Shmi’s little son,
“I’m the only one,
Who can do it and come out all right.”

“But now, I’ve a question for you,
Tell me what you came here to do?
You’ve got a laser sword
and you’re not a Sith lord
...You’ve come for a slave boy rescue!”

Qui Gon said, “Answer’s no, I’m afraid.”
But the boy still would not be dismayed.
“I think I see clear,
Why else would you be here?
I’ll come with and grow a padawan braid.”

“I can help you win the parts from Watto.
He’s addicted to gambling and lotto.
I could race with the pods
Giving favorable odds
Letting greed be the downfall of Watto.”

Shmi said, “It’s a horrible sport.”
Watching Ani made her whole face contort.
“He’s my precious whelp
But I guess he can help
Win the parts to help fix your transport.”

Next time: Watto Takes the Bait

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