Thursday, April 21, 2011

Race Day

Out in the desert that night
Arrived a most frightening sight.
Some hovering balls,
Probe droids of Darth Maul’s,
Made their way through the silver moonlight.

The next day’s excitement was major
Qui Gon and Watto made a wager.
The Jedi rigged the bet
So the prize he would get
Was freedom for the pre-teenager.

Meanwhile, Padme’s hopes were diminished
The odds were further worse than she wished
Despite his reputation,
Ani had never won
And even worse, he’d never finished!

The two-headed announcer got started
With opening banter, light hearted.
The crowd all hurrayed
At the opening parade,
Pods to the starting line were carted.

Sebulba was a pilot quite brash,
to Anakin he started talking trash.
You don’t think you’ll win do you?
Because you’re bantha poodoo,
You won’t walk away from this when you crash.”

“Drivers, start your engines now please”
Said the two headed announcer in Huttese.
They didn’t wait long
For the sound of the gong
The pods took off, all except for Ani’s!

Next time: Ani Catches Up

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