Wednesday, April 13, 2011


The ship touched down with a big puff of dust,
They looked at the hyperdrive, a new generator a must
They’d have to hit town
And get the lowdown
On what it cost for the parts, Mos Espa or bust!

“Don’t send any signals,” Qui Gon said,
“I sense something dark, in my head.”
Obi Wan agreed,
Ever since Theed
He’d had the same feeling that he couldn’t shed.

Qui Gon set out with Jar Jar and Artoo,
When Panaka shouted out, “Hey you!
“The queen doth demand,
To add to your band,
Take Padme along with you too.”

The foursome travelled into the city.
The inhabitants were exotic and gritty.
Jar Jar trampled straight through
A big pile of poodoo
The bottom of his foot wasn’t pretty.

They entered an establishment full of junk
Owned by Watto, a hummingbird with a trunk
“I’m browsing the marts
For some Nubian parts.”
Said Qui Gon to the hovering chunk.

Watto said, “Ah, yes, we have lots of that!
Where’s that boy? Anakin, get in here, brat.”
In his employ
Was a wee little  boy,
Who loved to fix things and to chat.

Next time: Anakin Meets Padme

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