Monday, April 25, 2011

Darth Maul Strikes!

The trip to the ship then commenced.
Though danger, Qui Gon had sensed.
The embodiment of dread,
With a swirl of black and red,
Drew a sword and then he and Qui Gon fenced.

The two traded incredible blows
They were two evenly matched foes.
With an impressive back flip
Qui Gon landed on the ship
Darth Maul watched as the cruiser arose.

Obi Wan cried, “Master what was that?”
Qui Gon breathing hard where he sat,
“I sensed the Dark Side flowing,
It’s a good thing we got going,
It was well trained in Jedi combat.”

For the first time since the party had left Theed
They had a working hyperdrive to proceed.
Once the engines were prime
They wasted no time
To hit the hyperdrive and enter light speed.

Ani was adjusting to space’s cold.
Padme gave him her jacket to hold.
He gave her a trinket
And told her to think it
Was to remember him (‘cuz that’s how he rolled.)

Next time: Coruscant

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