Sunday, April 10, 2011

Welcome to Theed

Meanwhile, up on the surface in Theed,
To the Federation, Naboo did concede.
Nute Gunray looked mean
As he said, "Heya, Queen…
I’ve got a new contract for you to read!”

“What a waste of time for you to pen it,
I’m sure it will be laughed out of the Senate.”
Said the Queen to old Nute,
The man with no snoot.
And you’d better believe that she meant it.

“Take these prisoners out of my sight.”
Shouted Nute Gunray, irked by the queen’s spite.
Elsewhere, out on the bay,
Coming to save the day
A bongo with a Gungan and two Jedi Knights.

The droids marched their prisoners single file
“This will be easy!” Qui Gon smiled.
They jumped down from above,
And applied a Force shove
And reduced the droid soldiers to a pile.

Introductions were made all around.
They determined a ship must be found.
It caused great grief
To the Security chief
For the danger to the Queen Naboo crowned.

Queen Amidala agreed that she must go.
To the Senate this treachery she'd show.
With the Senators’ backing
She’d send Gunray packing
And again Naboo’s trade routes would flow.

Into the hangar, the gallant group strode
Through the droid army, the two Jedi mowed.
They all got on the ship
And they started their trip
To Coruscant, the Senate’s abode.

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