Thursday, April 7, 2011

Meet Jar Jar Binks

The landing craft descended down,
Obi Wan was glad to be on the ground.
The droids moved out
Took the swampy route
And Obi Wan attempted to not be found.

The droid army’s advancement ensued
Qui Gon was being pursued.
Before he could get far
He ran into Jar Jar
Who was foraging the swamps for some food.

“Get out of the way!” Qui Gon waved.
But accidentally Jar Jar’s life he saved 
Just as soon as they met
Jar Jar owed him a life debt
His grateful thanks were babbled and raved

“Calm down, giant frog without brain!”
Qui Gon chastised with unmasked disdain.
“I see you can speak,
But your mind is weak,
And you’re getting to be kind of a pain."

Just then, Obi Wan emerged from the mist
Chased by droids shooting lasers that missed
Qui Gon again saved the day
With some skillful swordplay
Batting lasers with the flick of the wrist.

The Jedi needed a place they could hide
To escape the “terrible things” they implied
Jar Jar said, “Wessa go thither”
But then reconsidered
“Meesa 'fraid my been banished”, he sighed.

The sound of machines soon convinced
He’d rather go home than be minced
“I’ll show you the way,
Follow me, okieday?”
The Jedi looked at each other and winced.

Next Time: Gunga City

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